MiniSchool Program

Monday, October 9th, 2023

General introduction to the MiniSchool and presentation of the management tools of large datasets using various data formats and sharing solutions from the Brain Initiative (DANDI archive and NWB formats) or HBP and EBRAINS supported formats and tools.

Picnic (depending on the weather) at the Belvedere of Sugiton in the National Park

Afternoon :
MiniSchool splits and each coordinator gives an overview of their analysis tools.

Spike sorting: Spike interface (Sam Garcia), Spiking circus (Pierre Yger)
Calcium imaging (Michel Picardo, Robin Dard): MCMC Calman, Suite2P, cicada for behavioral assessment in vivo Calcium Imaging Complete Automated Data Analysis.


Tuesday, October 10th, 2023

All Day :  Hands-on practice with real datasets and real expert users.

Participation is free for all those who register to the GDR NeuralNet meeting (you only pay for your accommodation), but please inform us in advance of your participation. To register, select the "minischool" option when registering on the website. Once registration is closed, we will contact you (probably end of August) with the steps to follow, depending on the session you have chosen. 



MiniSchool Venue

The workshop takes place at INMED, in the Parc scientifique et technologique of Luminy - 163 av de Luminy, 13009 Marseille.


Red: by car - Parking is behind the building
Blue: by walk and public transport

FromSaint-Charles station:
Take the metro line M2 towards Sainte-Marguerite Dromel.
Get off at the Rond-point du Prado station.
Take the Michelet exit
Cross the boulevard Michelet to reach the B1 bus station or the 21Jet.

From the Rond-point du Prado: 
1) Fastest, but few buses: take the 21Jet - Direction Campus de Luminy. Get off at the terminus
2) Slower, but more numerous: take the B1 - Direction Campus de Luminy. Get off at the terminus

The Inmed is located above the terminus: walk 25 metres up the alley

The website of public transport of Marseille:

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